Non-Profit E-Newsletter Checklist

Some simple tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your newsletter

Do you promote newsletter sign up on your website, social media, donation thank you pages, etc.?

Do you thank you people or welcome them immediately after they sign up?

Are you using the 5 basic elements of a good newsletter: Concise, good storytelling, donor centric, calls to action, and quality design?

Do you know who your subscribers are and are you segmenting?

Do you have a regular schedule for sending out your newsletters?

Do you send out an annual survey?

Is your newsletter mobile friendly?

Does your newsletter include a donate button and social share?

Are your headlines and subject line optimized, and do you post to your website with SEO? Are you writing in simple language without jargon?

Are you tracking and measuring your open rates and click throughs?

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