Nonprofit Sponsorship with the Sponsorship Catalyst

In this video, Mariah Monique, founder of the Sponsorship Catalyst breaks down the basics of Nonprofit Sponsorship.

Corporate sponsorships typically provide nonprofit organizations with financial support in exchange for the corporation's brand exposure. It is super important to have an excellent sponsorship package when approaching companies. Corporate sponsorship packages are typically sent to potential corporate sponsors to engage them and offer them the opportunity to become involved with your cause. They are also a great way to get the word out there about your nonprofit, your mission, and the different ways a corporation can help out.

ABOUT MARIAH MONIQUE & THE SPONSORSHIP CATALYST Mariah teaches nonprofit leaders how to position, package, and pitch their events to corporate sponsors, so they can eliminate self-funding events and increase their impact and reach. She has over 8 years of experience building strategic partnerships at the federal, county, and local government levels as well as with non-profit organizations. She is passionate about elevating brand reputation, curating collaborations, and increasing impact through sponsorships.

As a sponsorship gatekeeper and funder, she understands what is attractive to sponsors and how to position organizations to secure funding through the power of words. She has evaluated hundreds of sponsorship proposals and decks, contributed to the decision making process for fund allocation, negotiated brand benefits, and built a brand reputation and awareness through sponsorships and partnership strategy. Her motto is, "Closing the knowledge gap so YOU can increase your impact!


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