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Using QR Codes for Fundraising & Awareness Campaigns: It's so easy!

QR codes (aka quick response codes) are machine-readable images of black and white squares that take a person to a specific website page

when scanned on a phone or tablet.

Your charity can use a QR code to direct supporters to your nonprofit’s fundraising or marketing campaign quickly and easily. Users scan QR codes by holding the camera on their phone in front of a code for two to three seconds. Your phone will ask to re-direct you to the website that contains your campaign information.

There are so many reasons your nonprofit should invest in QR codes, so in today’s post, we will get you all set up with your new nonprofit QR codes.


1. They provide a contactless donation method.

Touchless has been the theme for the last couple of years. Everybody is doing it, and it has been gaining momentum.

2. They show you're adaptable & tech-savvy.

I talk a lot about next-gen donors, and the 35 under crowd is the biggest user of QR codes.

3. They provide information without taking up a lot of space.

Event information, fundraising campaigns, annual reports, newsletters… QR codes are a great way to update your stakeholders on new information.

4. QR Codes can boost your social media following.

There are code generators that can link to most social media platforms.

5. They are cost-effective.

There are many free simple code generator sites, which we will cover later in the video.

6. They provide excellent tracking and date opportunities.

You can collect tons of information with QR codes that can help you when doing your analysis. You can also ask your customers for specific information when scanning your QR code.


Speaking of tracking, let's talk about static versus dynamic QR codes.

There are two main types of QR codes: static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are straightforward, baseline codes that can't be altered and don't track data.

These are great if you're sending donors to a single site or page where the link will not change in the future. They're also excellent for events like galas, fundraisers, and short-run programs.