How can I Fundraise or Donate to Support Ukraine?

I put together a special edition video this week on ‘how can I fundraise or donate to support Ukraine.’ In this video cover some charities that are helping and what we can do as individuals or groups to help, along with some creative fundraising ideas.

List of Charities You Can Donate to Support Ukraine:

Nova Ukraine

Voices of Children

U.N. Crisis Relief

Red Cross

Ukraine Support Fund

Aside from donating cash to Ukrainian Relief, you can donate:

· Donate clothes, toiletries and essentials

· Donate Cryptocurrency

· Host a go fund me

· Start a Peer-to-peer fundraiser

· Host a social media to fundraise

· YouTube Giving

· Gather your family, coworkers, sports team, club, church etc. and create a fundraising event

Your support will help the people of Ukraine with food, clothing, shelter and so much more!