Digital Fundraising Series: Part 1

If you are wondering, what is Digital Fundraising and how can I create Digital Fundraising strategies and campaigns, make sure to subscribe!

In this webinar-style series, we will explain what Digital Fundraising/Online Fundraising/Virtual Fundraising is about and how we use our digital channels (website, social media, donor platforms, email, etc.) in an integrated way to reach and expand your audiences, spark engagement, grow your giving opportunities and increase donor retention.

Here is a brief breakdown of each component of digital fundraising that we consider when taking on a new project. Stay tuned, as we will break down each of these in greater detail in coming posts.


This is where your digital integration happens. This is how we will link all the other aspects of your digital fundraising strategy. One of the most important things to consider with your website, and what is most often overlooked when working on digital fundraising, is search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media

You need a strong social media presence for Facebook fundraising and Instagram fundraising. Your social media channels also need to be linked to your website and your website should be linked to your social media.

Content Creation

Content is your web pages, blogs, infographics, videos, social media posts and campaign materials.


An email address is far more valuable than a follower, so the idea is to drive traffic in all your digital channels to your email sign-up.

Online Ads

You may have heard about the Google Grants program. Google ads will help position your organization when potential donors or volunteers are Googling opportunities. Social media ads, such as donate now ads, can also help you secure new donors and retain current donors.

Online Giving Platforms

Virtual events, peer-to-peer, text-to-give, crowdfunding, Amazon Smile, etc. all require a good follower base to promote to. If you have applied all the above tactics, you will have frequent website visits via your blog, a good list of supporters to email, and a great social media following to promote to!

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