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Are you a grassroots nonprofit professional feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of fundraising? Struggling to secure the funding you need to make a lasting impact?


Our fundraising education courses are designed specifically for you, providing the tools, strategies, and confidence to elevate your fundraising game.

Fundraising Education
Fundraising Education

​​Lack of Expertise

Many grassroots nonprofits lack the in-house expertise to create and implement effective fundraising strategies. Our fundraising courses provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert.


Budget Constraints

Hiring professional consultants can cost thousands of dollars. Our affordable nonprofit courses allow you to create professional-grade fundraising plans at a fraction of the cost.


Time Management

With limited resources, finding time to learn and implement new strategies can be challenging. Our fundraising training is designed to fit into your busy schedule, offering flexible, self-paced learning.

Affordable Expertise

Gain access to high-level fundraising expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant.


Walk away with ready-to-use e-books, videos, templates, checklists, and workbooks.

Actionable Plans

Each course is designed to help you develop a practical plan that you can implement immediately.

Lifetime Access

Enroll once and access the course materials whenever you need them, ensuring you stay up-to-date.

🌿The Transformation You’ll Receive:

Our fundraising education ensures that you walk away with a concrete plan tailored to your nonprofit’s needs. Each course is structured to provide actionable insights and practical tools, including e-books, videos, templates, checklists, and workbooks.

🌿What Makes Our Nonprofit Training Unique

Our nonprofit courses are led by Joanne Toller, CFRE (Ret.), a nonprofit coach with 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Joanne's expertise and practical knowledge ensure that you are learning from someone who understands the challenges and opportunities in nonprofit fundraising.

🌿Join the Movement of Empowered Nonprofit Leaders

Our courses are more than just learning materials; they are a pathway to transforming your nonprofit's future. With the skills and knowledge gained, you will be empowered to drive significant change and increase your organization’s impact.


Fundraising MasterClass

The essential guide for beginners, covering the fundamentals of nonprofit fundraising. This fundraising course introduces you to the core principles of fundraising, and you will walk away with a complete fund development plan! Perfect for those new to the field or looking to strengthen their basic skills, this foundational course equips you with the knowledge and tools needed for successful fundraising.

The Digital Fundraiser

In this course, you'll delve into the world of digital fundraising, learning how to build a robust online presence that attracts and retains donors. Discover how to run successful online fundraisers, optimize your website for search engines, create effective social media campaigns, utilize online ads, and develop email marketing strategies that convert. This nonprofit training is essential for organizations aiming to expand their digital footprint and maximize their online fundraising efforts.

The Social Media Fundraiser

Learn how to effectively harness social media to drive awareness and boost fundraising efforts. Discover strategies for creating engaging content, building an online community, running successful social media fundraising campaigns, and utilizing donation ads. Additionally, you'll learn how to measure the success of these initiatives. This course is perfect for organizations looking to leverage social media to increase donor engagement and contributions.

Strategic Organizational Planning

Create a strategic plan that aligns with your mission and maximizes impact. This course guides you through setting clear goals, identifying priorities, allocating resources, and measuring progress. Align your fundraising efforts with your organization’s objectives for long-term success.

AI Fundraising Webinar

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your fundraising efforts. This cutting-edge course explores AI-driven donor insights, predictive analytics, AI content generation, and other innovations to streamline your processes. Perfect for forward-thinking nonprofits, this course keeps you ahead of the curve.

Board Training Webinar

This course highlights the essential role of board members in fundraising. You'll learn how to recruit passionate board members, effectively train and engage them, create comprehensive board policies and packages, and leverage their networks and skills for successful fundraising.

Joanne Toller (2).png

Meet Your Instructor

Get to know your expert instructor, a pioneer in digital fundraising since 2004 and a professional fundraiser since 1994!

With years of hands-on experience and a passion for driving impact, Joanne Toller, CFRE (Ret.), brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table.

Throughout our courses, you'll benefit from her expertise as she guides you through each module, sharing practical tips, real-world examples, and proven strategies for success. From setting goals to executing campaigns and beyond, Joanne is dedicated to confidently helping you achieve your fundraising objectives.

Ready to learn from a professional fundraiser with 30 years of experience? Embark on your journey to mastering fundraising today!


"Joanne - you don't know how much I appreciate you helping me. I could lay on the couch like a therapy session. You are a Canadian maple blessing."

Preston Ross lll, Founder

"What a great experience! Joanne went above and beyond. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are impressive and our social media has exploded."

Diana Schwenk, Development Coordinator


"Joanne is a fantastic educator. She masterfully distills complex concepts into digestible, easy-to-understand segments, complemented by an excellent array of resources and downloadable materials."

Lisa Simone, Founder

Not Quite Ready for Professional Fundraising Training? No Problem!

Choosing the right nonprofit training path is crucial. At The Cause Academy, we offer free resources like blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and downloadable guides to showcase our coaching philosophy and commitment to your growth. When you're ready to elevate your nonprofit with personalized coaching, we'll be here to support you every step of the way.


Discover our wide-ranging YouTube tutorials, where we explore a variety of topics in fundraising and nonprofit marketing. Joanne breaks down complex subjects into digestible, actionable advice that you can apply directly to your work. It's your go-to source for on-demand learning.


Dive into our insightful blog posts that cover all aspects of fundraising and marketing. We bring you the latest trends, proven strategies, and in-depth guides, all crafted with a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector. Stay informed, inspired, and ready to take on your nonprofit challenges.


Stay organized and focused with our downloadable checklists and workbooks. These practical resources guide your planning process, monitor your progress, and enhance your nonprofit strategies. They are the tools you need for effective and efficient planning right at your fingertips.

Facebook Group

Joining our Cause Community Facebook group is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities for your nonprofit journey. Access expert insights with live sessions, tap into a treasure trove of resources, and receive valuable feedback on your campaigns.

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