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6 Week Journey to a Profitable Nonprofit

Our Next 6-Week MasterClass Starts Sep 24, 2024.

Limited Seats!

Meet Joanne: Delve into Her Expertise and Journey

Embark on our transformative 6-week Nonprofit Coaching Masterclass!

Together, we'll magnify your nonprofit's vision, supercharge your fundraising efforts, and amplify your impact on the world.

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Expert Guidance

Leverage 30 years of nonprofit wisdom, personalized for your challenges, enhanced with e-books, templates, and checklists.

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Actionable Plans

Walk away each week with concrete strategies and steps explicitly crafted for your organization's needs, ensuring immediate implementation. 

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Enhanced Fundraising

Harness tried and tested fundraising strategies, increasing donor engagement and funds raised.

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Amplified Awareness

Craft engaging digital and traditional marketing strategies, PR plans, and compelling materials to captivate your audience.

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Implementation Assurance

With one-on-ones, we ensure you're not just learning but applying your knowledge effectively.

Limited Seats Available - Our commitment is to quality and personalized attention, ensuring each participant is empowered to transform their nonprofit's journey.



Embark on a journey of growth and clarity with our meticulously designed weekly small group coaching sessions, all held via Zoom. Over 6 weeks, we will systematically navigate the realms of nonprofit success.

  • Week 1: Fundraising Planning and Strategy

  • Week 2: Individual Giving & Planned Giving

  • Week 3: Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships

  • Week 4: Grant Research, Writing and Management

  • Week 5: Writing Compelling Fundraising Materials

  • Week 6: Measuring and Analyzing Fundraising Success


Our Nonprofit Small Group Masterclass Program also 
includes valuable resources such as:

  • e-books

  • videos

  • templates

  • checklists

  • workbooks

These tools will help you thrive in the nonprofit sector, providing effective plans and strategic insights.


Beyond the knowledge and insights shared, participants will craft tangible strategic steps and strategies to drive their nonprofit's future.

Expect to walk away with:

  • An organizational strategic plan

  • A robust fund development plan 

  • Compelling case document 

  • A communications strategy 


Considering the substantial investment required for professional nonprofit planning, the value of our Small Group Masterclass becomes even more apparent. Developing strategic plans, fund development strategies, or comprehensive communication plans can easily exceed $10,000 when seeking individualized consultancy.


However, in our masterclass, priced at just $1,500, you not only gain the knowledge to craft these essential plans but also receive hands-on guidance to tailor them specifically to your organization's needs. This isn't just a class; it's an investment in acquiring high-value skills and strategies at a fraction of the typical cost, maximizing your impact and budget efficiency.

Ready to transform your nonprofit's future without breaking the bank? Join our Small Group Masterclass now and start crafting your strategic, fund development, and communication plans for a fraction of the cost. Secure your spot and start making a greater impact today!




Meet Joanne Toller, a powerhouse in nonprofit mastery with 30 years of expertise. As a CFRE, she's not just a coach, but a catalyst for change. In our Small Group Masterclass, Joanne shares her extensive knowledge in fundraising and digital marketing. Her hands-on approach in leadership training is designed to unleash your organization's full potential. Join us for a transformative journey with Joanne, where you'll learn to not just raise funds, but also to inspire lasting change in your community.

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Discover the art of powerful communication with Shawna Ogston, a 30-year veteran in nonprofit media and public relations. Under her mentorship, master the craft of impactful media campaigns and nurturing stakeholder relationships. Learn from Shawna how to secure vital coverage and elevate your nonprofit's public image, harnessing her decades of expertise for your success.

Shawna Ogston.jpg



Dive into weekly Zoom sessions, custom-crafted for you. Together, we'll shape strategies, campaigns, and materials, ensuring you're always on the right track.


Hand over the reins and watch the magic unfold. While you focus on your mission, we will meticulously craft all the essentials for you.


We're excited to announce the launch of our new Social Media Fundraising course! 

Not Quite Ready? No Problem!

Selecting the ideal nonprofit training program is a pivotal decision. At The Cause Specialists, we understand this and aim to ensure your utmost confidence. Dive into a world of resources tailored to nonprofit excellence – from enlightening blog posts and practical YouTube tutorials to comprehensive downloadable guides. These resources reflect our training ethos and dedication to nurturing your nonprofit's growth.

Take your time to explore these tools and discover the depth of our training approach. When you're ready to elevate your nonprofit with our customized training solutions, know that we'll be here to empower, inspire, and guide you through every milestone of your journey.


Discover our wide-ranging YouTube tutorials, where we explore a variety of topics in fundraising and nonprofit marketing. Joanne breaks down complex subjects into digestible, actionable advice that you can apply directly to your work. It's your go-to source for on-demand learning.


Dive into our insightful blog posts that cover all aspects of fundraising and marketing. We bring you the latest trends, proven strategies, and in-depth guides, all crafted with a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector. Stay informed, inspired, and ready to take on your nonprofit challenges.


Stay organized and focused with our downloadable checklists and workbooks. These practical resources guide your planning process, monitor your progress, and enhance your nonprofit strategies. They are the tools you need for effective and efficient planning right at your fingertips.


Joining our Empowering Nonprofits Facebook group is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities for your nonprofit journey. Access expert insights with live sessions, tap into a treasure trove of resources, and receive valuable feedback on your campaigns.

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